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Mark Werle

Campground & RV Park websites that attract more campers and generate revenue

Our Unique solutions provide everything that a campground or RV park website needs.

A beautiful website awaits your campers with our built-for-you website plans and add-ons. Whether your campers are pitching a tent, renting a cabin, looking for a local Airbnb, or parking an RV, you can bet they are reviewing your website to determine if you have what they need.

Common questions that we ask:

  • Can your visitors access your website on their phone?
  • Is your website easy to navigate and can your campers find the information that they are looking for?
  • Is your site fast, loading under 3 seconds?
  • Is your website secure, showing the padlock next to your domain name?
man asking frequently asked questions

The above questions represent some of the issues we commonly find on existing websites.

Work with us and stand out from the competition and finally have the website your business needs, and your campers love.

An Effective Website Starts with Great Design and a solid plan.

View Our All-Access Plan Details

  • Includes everything in our Premium Plan plus…
  • Unlimited Third Party Integrations like Webrez Pro, Firely, Camplife, & more
  • POS Integrations like Clover, PayPal, Stripe,, & more
  • Quarterly Strategy Calls
  • Twelve Additional Pages (32 total)
  • Directory listings
  • Membership Programs

Create An Effective & engaging Website Starts with Great Design

Increase your engagement with your visitors through great website design. Our built-for-you websites deliver a unique visitor experience that matches your brand and delivers the content that matters most to you. Our All-Access website plan is ideal for campgrounds or RV parks that want to grow. Booking, payment processing, and many other features and software can be integrated to meet your needs.

Impress your visitors with a beautiful website, every visit, every time. When someone searches for a campground or RV park in your area, they’re looking for a website that is engaging, easy to navigate, flows from section to section, and provides the right information to take action and make a reservation.

Help your visitors and make it easy to make a reservation with you through a professionally designed website.

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It takes a mere .05 seconds for visitors to determine if they are going to stay on your website. Great website design creates engagement.

Today’s Camper is Fully Mobile and Your Website Should be too.

mobile phone with 54 percent traffic

54% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices like tablets and phones.

If you want to stay relevant to today’s modern camper you will need to have a fully mobile responsive website. This includes an easy to navigate mobile menu, logo, and graphics. Nearly 54% of website traffic comes from mobile which means if your website is not mobile friendly then you are loosing one out of every two potential campers.

Every website we build takes mobile devices and smaller screens into consideration as we develop and integrate responsive design for your website. We deliver a website design for your campground that takes into account your camping audience and today’s modern browsing standards.

Don’t get left out in the cold. Ensure your website is as mobile as your campers.

Website Navigation shouldn’t require a compass and map.

It’s been said already, but if  your website is not easy to navigate you are likely loosing potential campers. In fact, 88% of users say they won’t come back to a website after a bad experience. Website navigation is one area of your website that every camper will interact with so your website needs to get that right. 

Make your navigation easy to read by adding simple but obvious hover effects, ensure that your menu follows a logical structure, and limit the amount of clicks that a user must use to navigate around your website.

Design your call-to-action buttons in an obvious way that makes them noticeable and irresistible to click. Help guide your website visitors to the most important parts of your website.

A website with horrible navigation is like a map without a key. Nobody knows what anything means.

website navigation illustrtion

88% of users say they won’t come back to a website after a bad experience.

Big shiny buttons are hard to resist. They are clickable and they convert.

guy looking at his laptop and his website illustration

Call-to-action buttons should be painfully obvious and encourage visitors to click.

Make it clear (painfully clear) what you want your visitors to do when they land on your website. Having a clear call to action (CTA) like a big shiny button, will boost your engagement significantly. Make sure your CTA is easy to find and obvious. This will ensure your campers know what to do next and go to the next step on your website.

Most websites will have two CTA’s. Pick one to feature and place throughout your website. An example of how this works would be one primary CTA for your booking or reservation system to reserve your campsites and a secondary CTA that goes to your contact form where you also offer FAQs with your standard responses.

There are many ways to guide campers through your website to take action. If you aren’t guiding them, then you are not capturing their attention and losing potential revenue.

Set Your Website Up for Success with Search Engine Optimization.

Every Whistle Stop website will be fully accessible to Google and search engines. We build every website from the ground up with SEO in mind. We use industry development and SEO standards to deliver highly optimized websites that perform well and rank.

If you have never dealt with SEO before, think of SEO as the engine to an automobile. Your website won’t go anywhere even if it looks like the latest Maserati off the lot. Every engine has power and can get you where you need to go. Want to get there faster with more power? Turbo-charge your SEO engine by building a tailored SEO strategy and integrate digital marketing to attract more campers and generate more revenue. Just like an automobile, your SEO can be tailored to your goals, budget, and if you want to DIY or have it DFY (Done For You).

At Whistle Stop Digital we have SEO package Add-ons that fit every budget out there. We always recommend starting with Tailored SEO Strategy so that your efforts aren’t in vain.

seo optimization process

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated. Dedicated effort over the long-term will help put your SEO on the right path.

We also work with industry leading Software providers to help boost your bottom line and Reservations.

Make your campers journey on your website as easy as possible by providing hospitality, reservation, and specialty systems made for Campgrounds & RV Parks.

Companies we can work with:

Our ability to add the technology that elevates your website puts us head and shoulders above the competition. Need to work with Airbnb listings? No problem. What about payment processors? Done. We can also feature your local amenities, tourist spots, and those hidden gems that matter to your campers (and community).

When you choose to work with Whistle Stop Digital your website is truly built-for-you (and your campers).


Mark Werle

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For the past 22+ years I have been helping businesses just like yours increase their digital presence through beautiful brand design and building powerful websites that help grow your business.

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