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Frequently asked questions

We aim to have your website live as quickly as possible after the completion of your onboarding process. Of course, this estimated time-frame assumes you are able to work with us and supply images, logos, and any content (copy) that you want to include on your website. Our proven process is optimized to deliver your website in a time-saving manner and to launch as soon as we can.

No. All of our costs are listed on our pricing page. Some of our add-ons do not have a cost shown and require a proposal based upon your individual requirements and goals. If your website does require additional functionality, like a paid plugin, we will advise you of any cost that would be in addition to your plan.

Whistle Stop Sites are billed on a monthly basis. Upon signing your contract, we charge a one-time setup fee & your first months payment. This covers your website build and integrations that are unique to your business (ex: POS system, EventBrite, etc.). Your monthly billing plan will begin the following month.

We do not offer email. We highly recommend Google Workspace for its simplicity and easy integration. Email providers like Microsoft, Zoho, or Namecheap will have documentation that we can use to add your custom email to your website at no extra charge.

We do not currently allow our Whistle Stop Sites to be hosted on a different provider. Our hosting runs on some of the best servers and is optimized for the sites that we build.

We offer monthly payment plans to help make sure your site is up-to-date and grows with your business. This allows us to actively maintain your website and keep up with any support issues or edits you may have.

At the end of your contract you have two options:

  1. Take advantage of a site redesign or upgrade and re-sign a new contract at the same monthly price. No setup fee is required.
  2. Convert your contract into a monthly service agreement. Your monthly payment will remain the same as stated in your contract above.

Cancelation of a website requires a 30 day notice. At the time of your cancelation the remaining balance of any unpaid months from your contract will be required as a cancelation fee. You will also be required to pay a buyout fee of $1500 in which you will receive all of your website information, database, and your entire website build conveniently packaged for you to keep.

If you are currently on a monthly service agreement (converted after your two year contract ended), a 30 day notice of cancelation is required. At the time of your cancelation you will be required to pay a buyout fee of $750. Upon payment of your buyout fee, you will receive all of your website information, database, and your entire website build conveniently packaged for you to keep. After delivery of your website files, you will be responsible for your hosting

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