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Mark Werle

How to turn your website visitors into customers who take action

Trust factors? Does your website have any? 

Most of the websites I review do not do a great job of convincing a visitor to take action. Unless your website converts your visitors and compels them to take action, it’s just a digital calling card. This isn’t just for local retailers or restaurants either. Any small business website needs to have a number of trust factors throughout, presenting a compelling offer. In this article we will explain what it will take to transform your website from a digital calling card into a website that compels your visitors to take action.

What are trust factors and why are they important?

Your website needs to be working for your business and compelling those that visit, to take action. Obviously you want visitors to take a specific action like purchasing a product, completing a contact form, or booking a meeting time. 

You see and interact with trust factors everyday: 

  • Customer Reviews
  • Verified Testimonials
  • Monday Back Guarantees
  • Secure payment processing
  • Free Trials

There are any number of trust factors that a business can use. Which ones you can use are determined by the outcome that you want your visitor to achieve. Having trust factors on your website will help create a compelling offer that is hard to refuse. In fact, Forbes wrote why trust is a key factor in a successful company back in December of 2019. Published at the beginning of the pandemic, this article highlights the importance of a website that provides value in today’s modern digital age. Your website needs to convey trust.

Easily build trust on your website.

One of the easiest trust factors to add to your website are reviews.

Most businesses have them and they bonafide trust builders. Most consumers look for reviews before purchasing so why not make them easy to find and spread across your website. Our reviews add-on makes this so easy too. We can easily add reviews to your website from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, and many more. 

The second easiest way to build trust is to look at what you currently offer.

What are some of the key benefits that come with your offering? Any guarantees? Quality materials? Are customers safer using your products? Are your meals healthier? Adding additional web pages to talk about these benefits are key to helping build trust. Plus, having pages that talk about your benefits help feed search engines and improve your search results.

What about your offer makes it a compelling offer?

Make sure you focus on Benefits and not features.

Its easy to talk about features because they are typically pretty obvious. The challenge is to switch your focus from talking about features to discussing the benefits that the user will experience as a result of using your service or product.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

Let’s say you need a new oven. One of the ovens that you are looking at features the ability that can fully heat up in five minutes. The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to cook a meal quickly.

Final thoughts.

Adding the specific benefits of your offering to your website will help build trust and begin to compel your visitors to take action. Start doing this today and you are well on your way to building trust and making an irresistible offer to your visitors.


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